Unpredictable Series presents AV night at Iklectik

We are glad to put together two very different audiovisual performances featuring ‘Malcolm X Sandwich’ and the duo Sculpture plus a new short film by Pierre Bouvier Patron.

Open doors 7.30
Short film by Pierre Bouvier Patron 8pm
Malcolm X Sandwich 8:15 to 9:15 pm
Sculpture 9:30 to 10:15
Tickets £8 presale / £10 door
Created by Art Terry a Malcolm X Sandwich is a performance project created radio theatre which places Marcus Garvey in a former squat turned Airbnb discussing Black Nationalism’s influence on the gig economy. With vibraphone by JT Taylor, voice and electronics by Blanca Regina and BGBGB and video projection by Tyler Moorehead.
Art Terry is a songwriter/musician from Los Angeles. His songs explore sexuality, black politics and religion, through a lyrical fusion of psychedelic folk music and orchestrated funk. A singer and pianist, Art underpins deeply personal lyrics with dense melodic textures. His last album Sex Madness it’s been reviewed by The Wire Magazine in Jan 2020 as: ‘ an amazing album, all the more jaw-dropping for its deceptive simplicity and for the way it refuses to funk out a more obviously raunchy soundtrack. Terry is a precious beam of light in a confusing world.’
JT, drummerman. Mostly, but also partly Neanderthal /panda, a pandathal. Likes to quietly express in rhythm and rage thru beats, but most often observed chewing bamboo ponderously, ever presently. He enjoys creating moods and energy thru drumming out tunes in a form of morse code with bamboo sticks held lightly in his large leathery paws- did you hear it?
Blanca Regina is an artist, curator and tutor based in London who is currently involved in creating audiovisual performances, sound works, installations and film.
Her research and practice encompass, expanded cinema, voice, free improvisation, installations and events. She has performed with numerous artists, including Leafcutter John, Steve Beresford, David Toop and Matthias Kispert, and curated several events and installations internationally. www.whiteemotion.com
Tyler Moorehead is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring the universality of human experience through symbols, artefacts and games.
With an interest in the links between societal, environmental and emotional breakdown, Tyler considers the sustainability of the individual ‘under pressure’, within the context of identity and place. Her video installation ‘Politus: What we choose to remember’ debuted at Tate Modern as part of ‘Malcolm x Sandwich’ performances for ‘Art on the Air’ 2019.
Tyler was included in the title ‘100 Words 200 Visionaries share their hopes for the future,’ Conari Press, and is currently completing a masters in Experience Design at the Royal College of Art, London. Her spoken word climate change piece ‘Parts Per Million’ will debut at Iklectik, London on 27 February, 2020.
Pierre Bouvier Patron is a visual artist based in London.
He is currently working with different media such as digital video and film, exploring the boundaries between them and creating moving image works, performances and installations. He has developed many practices and skills in various areas such as experimental film, documentary films, music videos, etc.
He has been involved in video screenings and video performances, in solo or collaboration with musicians such as Syd Kemp, Neil’s Children, artist Blanca Regina, among others.
His latest works include Unpredictable: Conversations with Improvisers, a series of 12 videos about improvisers in the UK. It also includes extensive participation with collectives such as Unpredictable Series, Strange Umbrellas, and several festivals.
Projected Music and the sound of optical agitation
Dan Hayhurst: Electronic sonics
Reuben Sutherland: Video turntable
Sculpture is electronic music producer, Dan Hayhurst, and visual artist, Reuben Sutherland, on a freewheeling excursion through temporary forms of digital composition, analogue electronics, comic strips, sci-fi, pop, psychedelia and multisensory perception. Discovering transitory possibilities in live A/V performance is central. Utilizing an ever-expanding library of zoetropic prints, Sutherland’s visual turntablism combines pre-cinema imaging with cutting-edge digital techniques in hallucinatory loops and jumps. There’s a clear connection with Hayhurst’s unstable sonics, free associations that gleefully defy convention in pursuit of a unique internal logic.
A sequence of animated picture discs have appeared on Dekorder, Psyché Tropes, Ana Ott and Tapebox. Sculpture’s Membrane Pop LP and a live A/V document, Video Plot, were released by Oneohtrix Point Never’s Software label. Slime Code instantiated as 7 unique cassettes plus digital edition on patten’s Kaleidoscope imprint, later reissued on vinyl by Digitalis. The duo’s recent work includes the graphic novel/tape, Nearest Neighbour.

Previous A-V event

Unpredictable Series presents AV Night dedicated to various audiovisual performances, combining digital and analogue approaches with improvisation in each set. For the first time the trio Matt Black, Blanca Regina and Reuben Sutherland perform in London and audiovisual improv set.

Full Programme:

Matt Black, Blanca Regina, Reuben Sutherland + Kireme + Resolution.

Unpredictable Series presents A-V Night

This is an evening dedicated to various audiovisual performances, combining digital and analogue approaches.

There will be a trio all the way from Poland. Formed of two duos – kinoMANUAL and Pin Park LIVE – they’ll explore mainly analogue stop-motion techniques and improvised music. Their aim is to achieve optimal sound and structure, using only the unusual architecture and unrepeatable timbres of EMS synthesizers.

Karel Doing will present Symbiogenesis: a series of repeated rhythmic musings on nature and culture, often using superimposition. This 16mm projection is combined with live sound, a layering of optical, found tracks, and a collection of rare records played on a prepared Dansette record-player.

The evening will also feature the first collaboration between Alessandro Vangi and Steve Beresford. Vangi will use video filmed in Cairo and computer graphic as tools of the performance. The show will be the result of a combination of many elements that are connected to the human being in different shapes. Steve will explore the inside and outside of the infamous Iklectik piano with small implements and electronic gizmos.

Finally, the evening will feature the premiere of a film by Blanca Regina and Pierre Bouvier Patron. The film, shot in Tenerife, Spain, focuses on the specificity of the volcanic soil of the island. Exploring textures, organic elements and rhythms, this short film dives into the magic elements of this unique land.


‘Unpredictable Series’  presented, on the Friday 22 June, an evening of audiovisual concerts at IKLECTIK in London, with internationally acclaimed artists Sculpture, Zan Lyons, Blanca Regina & Noriko Okaku.


This special event presented:

The new Live A/V and Strings by Zan Lyons, live viola looping over thunderous beats accompanied by intense synchronised films all edited in real time

Sculpture, the duo of electronic music producer, Dan Hayhurst, and visual artist, Reuben Sutherland, on a freewheeling excursion through temporary forms of modern techno, analogue electronics, comic strips, sci-fi, pop, absurdist psychedelia and video art.

‘Triple loop’ is a new audiovisual performance by Blanca Regina where she uses Oracle systems and audience participation to envisage our inner narratives using her voice, electronics, objects and visuals. ‘Triple Loop’ invites Noriko Okaku as a second performer this time. She brings her self-made Derbyshire tarot cards that were produced as an extension of her animation work The Interpreter (2015).