Strange Umbrellas began in 2013, promoting nights of experimental music, free-improvisation, film and art in London. Founded by artist & curator Blanca Regina, free Improvisor & composer Steve Beresford and experimental musician, musicologist Jack Goldstein. and film curator and visual artist Pierre Bouvier Patron.


This will be the twenty-third ‘Strange Umbrellas’. We’ve presented them all over London in very varied venues and also done a couple in Berlin. Each show consists of short and very contrasting acts, involving music both experimental and more conventional, film and video of all types, short lectures and other stuff.


It will feature:


Music :
David Toop + Allan Courtis + Blanca Regina ( trio)
Steven Ball (solo )
John White & Dr. Greta Kalteisen ( duo)
Steve Beresford ( solo)


‘Answer Print’ – Monica Saviron


Film performance:
Pierre Bouvier Patron (film) + Jack Goldstein (live music )




Strange Umbrellas #18