Jaap Blonk W/ Beibei Wang / John Edwards / Jack Goldstein / Steve Beresford + ‘HERETHERE’ FILM BY Blanca Regina & Pierre Bouvier Patron at Café OTO £10 £8 ADVANCE £6 MEMBERS The programme will include two sets Set 1. – Jaap Blonk – solo ‘Vibrant Islands’ 25m – Beibei Wang- solo 15m – Jack Goldstein with ‘Herethere’ film by Blanca Regina & Pierre Bouvier patron – 7m Set 2. – John Edwards- solo 15m – Jaap Blonk & Steve Beresford – duo 15m – Jaap, John and Beibei – trio 25m “Vibrant Islands”, an acoustic voice performance by Jaap Blonk – Vibrant Islands” is a cycle of 9 pieces for acoustic vocal performance, made in 2015. Each movement consists of a number of “islands” containing phonetic signs, many of which were invented by himself. For many years he has been working on a personal extension of the International Phonetic Alphabet: BLIPAX (BLonks IPA eXtended). In the performance the islands can be visited in any order, and repeatedly as well. In every score of the cycle the coastal lines have a different form, for instance angular, crenelated, straight or rounded, according to the prevalent sound character of the movement. ‘herethere’ film by Blanca Regina and Pierre Bouvier Patron live Soundtrack by Jack Goldstein And in the second half a different combination of performances by Jaap, Bei Bei, John and Steve.